What our wonderful clients and students say about us

Training at Beauty Therapy Training Australia helped me massively to improve my skills in the beauty industry. Angie and the other staff/trainers were always there to help and always made me comfortable enough to ask questions when I wasn’t sure about something, no matter what it was. Most of the training was very hands-on and practical however there was enough theory to assist in understanding the treatment we were performing. Before I came to BTTA, I had come from another training provider where I was poorly taught and had no self-esteem. When I finished at BTTA, I left feeling confident and proud! I missed quite a few days due to personal reasons but Angie always did her best to make sure I was up to date and taken care of- I couldn’t be more thankful for the support I received. I now work in a salon in FNQ and have received so many good reviews on the treatments I’ve performed, which is all thanks to the skills I learned at BTTA.

Lauren Venz:
Diploma of Beauty Therapy Graduate

To Angie
Thank you so much! I’ve really enjoyed this course. I’ve learned a lot and grown in confidence. Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me and the kindness and patience you’ve shown me. I’ll definitely be back; I can’t wait to learn more.

Katelyn McLean:
Advanced Diploma of Intense Pulsed Light and Laser for Hair Reduction Graduate

The trainer, Angie, and all the staff members have been willing to help me and answer the questions any time. Sometimes I had a language problem, but Angie always broke down the details until I understood. Training is very hands on or with the whiteboard and projector. Angie always made sure it was easy for us (students) to understand.
Thank you for opening up another door in my career and for taking care of me during this 10months. I am sad to leave but excited to continue working with Laser and IPL.

Marie Usui – Japan
Advanced Diploma of Intense Pulsed Light and Laser for Hair Reduction Graduate

The learning environment that Angie has created and in which I was immersed was comfortable and conducive to training at a well-balanced pace.
Angie was extremely approachable with any questions, or concerns that I had and this allowed me to appropriately pace my learning.
I have had the opportunity to receive one-on-one training, which I considered so valuable as every single question and every detail was discussed in full.
My training models, which were provided to us to work on, were from all walks of life and with very different skin concerns, this enabled me to gain skills and experience in a diverse range of skin conditions, which was invaluable.

I also found that doing my practical training in an operating clinic environment enabled me to develop my skills,
from setting up the room in accordance with the appropriate protocol to treating the clients from the very first contact through to rebooking, as well as monitoring the clients’ results after each treatment.
With doing the block training I was able to see clients for follow-up treatments.
I was also pretty excited when a client actually requested me to be the one she wanted to deliver all her follow-up treatments.

-Rebecca Hiscock

The training I was provided with at BTTA was second to none.
They were patient, thorough and very professional in their delivery and approach. I felt fully supported at every level and this made my learning a real pleasure. I can highly recommend this investment in the way it can give a business new leverage in allowing practitioners to meet with skin treatment challenges with greater confidence and with incredible treatment outcomes.

I truly believe that suppliers should get on board and encourage all their clients to seek to gain a full qualification. It is impossible through a three-day training program to fully understand all the scientific theory, as well as gain comprehensive knowledge on wave-lengths and the best protocols that will allow you to gain not just safe treatments but also be able to deliver the very best results for your clients. This is where the industry is falling short.
Having gone through this experience I don’t believe that machines should be purchased without full qualifications.

After being 25 years in this industry, I am grateful to be given this opportunity to upgrade my qualifications.
I want to thank APAN for the amazing work they do to bring these opportunities to the industry and also thank Angela Smith and BTTA for their commitment and delivery of amazing, quality training.
It really has made a difference to my business

-Karen Geiszler

Through the dedication of BTTA and the opportunity to receive government funding to support the beauty industry, I was able to have subsidised training. I was given the opportunity to upgrade my qualifications by completing the 10038NAT Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapies with BTTA. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the theory and practical training hours for the course. I have also gained underlying skills and knowledge for IPL & laser treatments for all facets of skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. I have since gained a position at a leading doctors skincare clinic providing clients with IPL and laser treatments.

-K. Schilling

I wanted to further my knowledge in IPL & laser skin rejuvenation and laser tattoo removal. I learnt need to know ‘on the job’ theory and we had quite a few practical days to get through. Luckily I was able to do my practical days around my workdays as training was flexible to my life situation. I was able to put everything I learnt into practice as soon as the course was finished as it included all of the QLD Radiation Licencing, this also helped me to get a job at an advanced clinic, both Angie and Maree were easy to work with. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to work with IPL & laser

-M. Collins

The Laser Safety Training course and the infection control course with BTTA was educational, appropriate and vital to my practice in the beauty industry, I can now apply to QLD Radiation Health for my laser Use Licence. Training was facilitated in a way which was flexible with my work and family life. The course has provided me with the framework and tools to promote laser safety which is necessary for both the staff and the clients. Content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge.

-M. Wentworth

BTTA provides an excellent practical learning environment in which the learner is able to operate leading laser and IPL devices. I now have a better theoretical and practical understanding of the skills required to deliver excellent laser and IPL treatments on clients. I learnt so much about practices, client care and safety.

-D. Hickling