Logged supervised laser hours for laser licensing

We provide logged supervised laser hours for QLD Radiation; applicants may apply for a licence allowing them to conduct the following cosmetic procedures using laser apparatus:

  • Hair removal – 25 Logged Hours
  • Skin rejuvenation – 50 Logged Hours
  • Tattoo removal – 100 Logged Hours
  • Superficial vascular lesion treatment – 50 Logged Hours
  • Superficial pigmented lesion treatment – 50 Logged Hours

Use licence

Any person who uses a Class 4 laser apparatus must hold an appropriate use licence.  This ensures that at the very minimum, the user has had laser safety and infection control training. There is a 2-step process to gain a full licence, involving:

  • Trainee licence (the operator can commence practical training, and they maintain a logbook and must have a supervising licensee)
  • Full licence (when the operator is judged by the licensed supervisor to be competent and able to carry out procedures safely and without supervision)

Who may apply for a licence? Applicants who may seek a licence to use laser apparatus for cosmetic purposes typically include medical practitioners, registered nurses, enrolled nurses and beauty therapists.

This is perfect for applicants who have completed the BTTA dual Package for Queensland Approved ED170 Laser and Safety Course and the SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards and want to apply for a licence allowing them to use a class 4 laser apparatus for cosmetic procedures.

Please contact us for further information regarding pricing: contact@beautytherapytraining.com.au or call (07) 55995568